Monday, August 11, 2014

Postcrossing - It's Fun!

I joined up with "Postcrossing" five months ago, I first heard of it on a Facebook group - have you heard of it?   It's an online postcard exchange - it's all about sending and receiving cards from all over the world.  Postcrossing began in 2005, there are over 489,000 members in 212 different countries.  I used to collect postcards, then I sold them for quite a while on Ebay, so it really appealed to me, in that five month period, I've sent 56 postcards and received 54.  I think it would be the greatest thing for kids to get into - here is the website where you can read all about it

Here's my 54 postcards received..

My first card came from Australia, since then they're come from all corners of the world - Russia, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, China, USA, Finland, Belarus, Portugal, Ukraine, South Africa, Ireland, Japan, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland - it's so fun to get one from a new country. 

And, the stamps are so beautiful..


You can state on your profile which kind of cards that you'd like to receive, here's some of my faves that I've received.

The one challenge involved, in my area, anyway is finding postcards - you just don't see them like you used to.   Canada Post sells them and they're prepaid, which makes for a very nice deal as you can send them anywhere in the world, but the variety is not that great.  It's hard hard to find them, I went to a major tourist attraction in my area and asked for postcards, they had one and it wasn't nice, the response to my question was that no one sends postcards anymore, everything is online.  Apparently not, if there are nearly 500,000 Postcrossers worldwide - just waiting  for a nice postcard in their mailbox!!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Binge Watching on Netflix

We are one of the approximately 5.8 million Canadians that use Netflix - do you use Netflix?  

Who even heard of the term "binge watching" before Netflix came along.  I have to say, we're guilty of it and we're binge watching right now, it's "The Killing, " we started it last Friday night and finished the first season on Tuesday night - it is so addictive and the good news is there's four seasons available.  I recommend this show!!

Before that we watched "Bates Motel" in the same way - in  a mad frenzy!!

And the same thing happened with "Lilyhammer"

When we subscribed to Netflix, our first show was "Orange is the New Black" we were amazed that you could watch a tv show that way - we were frantically watching that one too and then when the second season came out a couple of months ago, we started watching it that very night!!  

I really enjoy "Downton Abbey" and "Call the Midwife" now I enjoy "Mr. Selfridge" just as much- I watched the first season on Netflix, just in time to tune into the second season on tv.

We've also watched every episode of "Suits" on Netflix - that one is just ok for me..

"House of Lies" wasn't too bad...

My husband is watching "House of Cards" - I'm not interested in that one, at all!

We watch the odd movie on there too, but it seems to be mostly about "the series" watching - it hooks us right in.   Are you hooked on any Netflix shows?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My World Through Instagram

I love Instagram!!  I've had my iPhone for about a year and a half, it wasn't too long after I had it that my blogging friend, Holly, introduced me to it - at first I was mostly taking pictures of thrifting finds but now it has progressed for me, trying to get better shots, taking part in Instagram challenges, I always have my phone at the ready, you just never know when a picture opportunity will arise.  We are heading out for vacation next week, I anticipate a lot of picture opportunities, a lot!!!

I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you this morning..

Flowers make beautiful shots and even wild flowers on the side of the road!

I might have to pull over at any time!

I've been very interested in old signs lately, they're few and far between around here but I'm always on the lookout!  They just don't make them like this any more!

Then, there is always food!!!

There's always something to take a picture of - at home (Pyrex and my kitchen), a store promotion on the sidewalk, M&M containers at Walmart!

This was my first picture I took today - dogwood in the back yard.

My very favourite picture I've taken, so far, has to be this locust on my Gerbera Daisy.  I watched him a long time and took a lot of pictures to get this one!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pickin' and Jammin'

It's summer and it's berry pickin' time - strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, I pick them all.  I don't know when I got so hooked on picking berries because I know I used to buy them already picked a few years ago, no more of that for me, maybe I'm more frugal now, why pay somebody else to pick them when I'm perfectly able to do it myself!

The season started off with strawberries.

Then it was the raspberries..

Both of those were picked at farms.  But the blueberries, now, that's another story, blueberries grow wild in these parts, you don't have to drive far to find some of these delectable morsels.  I've been picking twice and if the sun shines today, I might go pick some more.  I love to have a surplus of frozen blueberries and I just might pick some for my kids too!

I looked up when I was picking last week and this is the sight I saw..

Blueberries galore...

All those berries mean jam - jam to keep and jam to share..

Last night I SMASHed a jammin' page...

Homemade jam is the best!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I bought a few things in the past week - here they are - good buys, every one of them.

It's funny how it goes with the Vera scarves  - it's either feast or famine - it has been feast with me in the past week.

This morning I found a scarf at a yard sale - which is a rare thing to happen, only once before has that even happened.  It was the black and gold diamond one on the left, it was priced at $4, I said would you consider a cheaper price, she said no, I said I can buy those scarves for $1 at Salvation Army, not those scarves, she replied.  I said, yes, those scarves, I collect them and that's what I pay - so I gave her $2 - imagine a scarf for $4 at a yard sale - she wasn't very friendly after I questioned her!!!  On Thursday, I found three at Salvation Army, I feel so happy when they turn up like that and especially when they're $1.  I made my first purchase ever on Instagram, that's the check mark one, it's a beauty!!

I came home with more Christmas, they are having Christmas in July at the Salvation Army, it's a whole room set up with Christmas, I was there the week before and got nothing, this week I bought these cuties, 25 cents each!!!

The winking Santa is a Lefton, made in Japan, with the Giftcraft tag still attached.  The other Santa has a Norcrest sticker attached, crafted in Japan.

I had to buy this - that's all I can say - $2.99 at Value Village, really, who in their right mind could pass up a Butterprint 444 bowl, especially when they don't have one and especially when it's in perfect shape!  I was shocked to see it sitting there!!

Just because my kids had these puzzles, I had to buy these for those future grandchildren, they really look like they were never used.

So, that's it - my thrifting for the week!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

I Pulled into One Yard Sale!

The last couple of Saturday's I didn't go to the post where they advertise all the yard sales, it gets so discouraging driving around and seeing the same old junk, I know I've found a few things lately, but it's hard pickin'.  This past Saturday I was on my way back from the grocery store, I saw a sign behind this old store that is no longer a store!!  I pulled in - it was mostly junk and nothing old that I could see, except this..

This is not your normal variety of vintage magazines, these were all publications that the store received - the advertising is completely different from magazines since it was geared to the merchant.    These magazines are from the 40's and 50's and notice the old box for Wabasso sheets!!

The majority of the magazines are Canadian but there are a few American ones as well.

War time ads regarding rationing..

Even a sample of the butchers paper...

I think this was a pretty neat find and it was a fundraiser, so payment was by donation.

I'll be using some of these for SMASHing but I'm thinking that maybe some of these ads might sell online....

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Remember Mail-in Offers?

I was thinking about how there used to be so many offers in magazines to send away for - maybe save up some labels or just send some money and you could own something pretty nice -probably some of these things we thrifters wish we could find now!!  

I started going through my vintage magazines, offers have been around for a while, in the older magazines it was usually booklets that were offered.   Then, bigger items became availalable, for next to nothing!!  I'm using only summer issues for this post - it's a fun one, hope you enjoy it too.

The earliest offer I found was from a 1957 Woman's Day issue.  Isn't this a strange advertising promotion - meat for perfume!!

Woman's Day from 1960 offered up this insulated baby bottle bag - I hate to say this but Mom had one of these for me, it was pink and it's still hanging around!!!

This might be my favourite of the bunch - The Hot Dog Rollster for $1 and the neckband from Kraft Barbecue Sauce.  It's from Woman's Day, 1961.

This "Bummin' Bag" was a nice deal - bag, tablecloth and apron - for $1.50 and the plastic top from Accent - from Family Circle, 1968.

All you had to do to get a roll of color film was turn in the coupon on The Del Monte juice can - from Family Circle, 1968

I like this one too, a lucky ladybug daisy pin or a tie bar - the tie bar was Sarah Coventry - it's another funny promotion - it was offered by Hudson Sprayers and Dusters.  This offer was in Woman's Day, 1969

If you were reading the Canadian ladies magazine, Chatelaine in July 1970, you might have sent in for this fondue set - with $2 and one wrapper from Chipits.

Things are getting more expensive in 1972 - $4.95 and one seal from a Kotex product for this underarm shaver - from Family Circle.

You had to save up 6 package fronts from Green Giant frozen vegetables or $1 and two fronts for this Green Giant bag - that's pretty cute!  From Family Circle, 1973.

Woman's Day, 1973 had a couple of offers - notecards from Virginia Slims -no cash, just four package bottoms.

No labels were involved in this offer from Jean Nate - just cash - $13.99 for a caftan worth $30.00.

This was a pretty good deal, $1 for each Disney doll and a Close-up toothpaste carton - from Woman's Day, 1974.

This handsome tote bag featuring jet-set styling and around the world durablity could be yours for just $5.50 and proof of purchase from Bonine - from Woman's Day, 1976.

The newest offer is from a 1981 issue of Family Circle - that's a pretty stylish running suit for $9.75, along with your cash register receipt showing purchase of Sugar Free Dr. Pepper.  Now, that's the way I remember sending away for things like this, with the cash register receipt. 

Did you ever take part in mail in offers?    What did you get?  

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