Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Slim Pickins'

We went on a little road trip on Saturday, I was hoping to find more than I did - like a different Christmas blow mold but I did come home with a Halloween one  which I paid a whopping $1 for - it's a TPI blowmold from 1989.

My husband got ahead of me at Value Village, he makes his circle of the store way faster than me, he comes back and asks if I saw that Santa jug - no, I didn't even get to that section yet - so, he went back - what a great find - I have a few cups but no pitcher.  I had this posted on Instagram, I knew once I posted it on there someone would know what it was, two other people shared their pitchers which were the same - apparently it's a Josef!!

I don't really think people have been donating very much at the thrifts in the line of vintage Christmas, maybe it's too early yet - I was at three shops yesterday, I bought nothing.  I did buy a box of old ornaments last week, for fellow Canadians, the Eaton's tag is still on them, didn't they have the best Christmas displays and merchandise?  

I've been on the lookout for Ideals books, they  have the greatest pictures in them for SMASHing, especially the Christmas ones.  I was happy to find "The Most Beautiful Tree in the World" but I should have checked it more carefully, two pages are missing, so that'll be going by way of the SMASH book.  I always like to read a Christmas book at this time of the year, so this Awesome book will be the one!!

Here's a SMASH page where I used the Ideals book, it's the poem and picture on the right.  The picture on the left I took last week, after the big snowstorm!!

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Monday, November 17, 2014


I always check out the vintage games, just like everything else, there doesn't seem to be as many around as when we first starting buying games.    But, the other day I scored this old Monopoly at the Salvation Army for $2.50 - I really only wanted it for the pieces as we had no wooden ones.  It made me want to learn more..

I don't know much about identifying games but I have learned that the method used for Monopoly is the patent year and number - the patent on this game was Canada 1936.

The board isn't in the best of shape and it's standard, it looks like any other Monopoly game.

The Chance and Community Chest cards are quite plain.  The mustached tycoon we see on the cards now was introduced in 1936, he used to be called Uncle Pennybags -  in 1999, Parker Brothers changed his name to Mr. Monopoly.  

I noticed that the property cards for the two blue groups are different shades of blue than they are now,  the rest are all the same though.

The money hasn't changed much either..

All of the pieces are wooden, that's why I wanted the game to begin with - I think the white milk bottle doesn't belong with this set and there is extra dice, the wooden dice belonged with this game but apparently, one is missing.

Monopoly was such a great game - have you played lately?  

Just a few Monopoly facts to finish off this post...

Monopoly debuted in 1933.

Wooden tokens first showed up in 1936 when demand for Monopoly grew so fast that Parker Brothers couldn't keep up with the production of the metal tokens, and again during WWII, after a ban on the use of non essential metals was imposed.  

The six original metal tokens were iron, cannon, thimble, ship, shoe and top hat.  At one time the tokens had holes in them, you could buy a bracelet at Woolworth's and wear your tokens!

$15,140 - total amount of money in a standard Monopoly game

The length of the longest Monopoly game was 1, 680 hours (lasting over 70 day)  Oh, my!!!

I did some reading on Monopoly in my book "Timeless Toys" - I haven't had it out for a while, I need to go through it again...

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Saturday's Stuff

I really feel like there will be more blog posts from here on in until Christmas - vintage Christmas is something I love to look at and buy, although, I really shouldn't be buying much.  I was looking through my new bin of things that I've collected up since last January - it's full - I see more purging ahead of stuff from the other bins!!!

Saturday we went down the road to this little town that has four shops, all owned by the same people.  Two are nice, with displays that you can look at, and they have heat!!  The other two is where it's fun, but if you could only get to it all.  There's so much stuff piled up in boxes, some of it you couldn't even dream of reaching it - I just bet there's a box in there full of good vintage Christmas!   I was there in the summer and it seemed to be better this time but still in disarray!!!  The other building had no lights, we would have been all set if we had taken a flashlight, but we were able to dig this out...

Blowmolds!  The deer aren't Christmas but I'll tie a bow on them and they'll look like Christmas!!!  I think they're really cute and something different about them - they have stakes - how handy!! 

This little white electric tree took my eye, not that I needed it but I have the bigger green tree and have been wanting a little white one, this should do until I find a better one!  It needs a cord replacement and I had to put some of my own lights in it - I think someone drilled new holes in it as the old lights are stuck in there for life!!

As soon as I walked in the door, I spotted this Santa candle, I turned it over, a Gurley _ I was happy!!   He's seen better days, I cleaned him up a bit but  I think this is as good as he's going to get.  He's a good size one, about 9 inches tall.  It's a fun thing to find because I couldn't find any for the longest time and now I actually have a collection!!!

Might as well stay with the Christmas theme - a couple more ornament hanger boxes, different ones for me!

My husband picked up a couple of things for the game room...actually, when I saw these, I thought these cards might be neat for SMASHing!  The game is from 1963.

We thought this was a unique set of cards and like new!

This cardboard bunny advertised Maple Leaf Tendersweet Ham, he was only $1, there were a bunch of them there, I thought he'd be cute for Easter.  He's big too, about 17 inches.

Last week the local library was having a used book sale, fill a bag for $1 - I bought a few Ideals books for SMASHing which I didn't were worthy of a picture but anything Jim Morrison is worth a picture..

It's a soft cover book from 1991, so not that old but full of great old pics of Jim and his band, The Doors - love The Doors!!!

I haven't been buying any children's books, except for vintage Christmas and Eloise Wilkin which I haven't seen in ages but what the heck, I was paying only a few cents and this book was just so cute, it's falling apart so it might be heading to the SMASHbook too!!  A little girl named Gail was given the book in 1953.

Nothing very big but pleased with our finds and not much money was spent!!

I even saw a piece of Pyrex that was different for me but I held back, I really don't need any more!!

Mid afternoon we finally stopped to eat - we had a lovely meal and just in case you're hungry right now, take a look at this coconut cream pie, we brought a piece home to share, it could be the very best piece of coconut cream pie I've ever had!!!!  Drooling???  Hah!!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I just noticed that I haven't written a post in a couple of weeks, but to be honest, I felt like I didn't  really have much to write about!!  But, today I do!!  Last Wednesday I tagged along with my husband who had business in London - no, that's not London, England, unfortunately it's the other London, in Ontario.  He had meetings so that left me on my own to scout out the thrifts and antique malls - it was great!  On Friday, we headed to Buffalo, NY for the weekend - lots of shopping and sightseeing too, we went back to Niagara Falls, NY on Saturday evening to see the American Falls, which we had never visisted - what a view!!!!  

Sunday morning we were up early - I had found this flea market online - now I know what all you American gals talk about when you mention a flea market - I had never been to anything like this before.  It was called Antique World & Flea Market in Clarence, NY - New York's largest indoor/outdoor market  - people are set up at storage units, some booths are right in the unit, some are outside,  we want to go back again in the summer when it's operating in full force.  There were bargains to be had and things that I had never seen before, I'm happy to say I found some things that I've been wanting for a while!!!

No trip would be complete without finding a few Vera scarves  - I found nine!!!  

  I have never found a teen magazine, they are always ladies magazines, now I have a 1968 TEEN magazine, it was cheaper than all the rest that were there because it said a coupon was missing, it's funny, they typed out the missing words on a piece of paper, it's attached to the page.  I can't imagine a cover like this now on a teen magazine!!

If you don't like vintage Christmas, there is no  need to go on any further because that's what I brought home...

I bought this in Canada and then saw it later at the NY flea, it wasn't priced but I just bet it was less than what I paid.  It's so kitschy cute!!!  I had it lit this morning, it's even prettier than I thought, love bubble lights!!

I first learned about Gurley candles from the blogs, I wanted just one so bad, I had to resort to buying a couple on Ebay.  Then, this summer, I found two at a yard sale, unheard of for around here!!!  Well, I have plenty now.  

The candles were wrapped in paper, they're in perfect condition.

How cute are they?

I was in the land of Gurley candles and didn't even realize it, I was buying two from a lady at the flea market, she said those are more, they're the ones made in Buffalo, you know, well, yes, they are!!!  They were first made in Buffalo in 1938 under the Tavern name, that is what this box is so they're old, in 1949, the name was changed to Gurley Novelty.    I saw a lot of them at the market - no Halloween though, Easter, Thanksgiving - I should have bought more!!!  

The choir boy is about 7 1/2 inches tall.  The reindeer actually says Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on the bottom.

Another pack of Christmas hangers...just think, only 7 cents at Kmart!

I was so happy to get a real Shiny Brite box, I have never seen one out there in the wild before and bonus, it's full of pretty shiny brites.  In case you're wondering, no, I did not pay 50 cents for it!!

We're on our way back home on Sunday afternoon, my husband spots a flea market, he said do you want to stop, before I could get the words out of my mouth, he had taken the exit.   It was freezing, we were walking around quickly, it wasn't bad actually, then he says, look at this - oh, my, I walked fast to the table.  It was a whole table of vintage Christmas, I could have had the whole table but I didn't want it, here's what I did want and got them all for $20, plus the spun head snowman.

I can't imagine how they sat there the whole day.  What a happy family of knee huggers, they sure made me happy!!  They look like they were never used, the material is clean, the Japan sticker is still on the back of many of them.  The big guys in the back row are about 8 inches tall.  I had bought one of the small  ones earlier in the week, he is in rough shape compared to the rest, but I love them all.  It was definitely my favorite purchase!!

I love to get away on these excursions, it's so much fun to find treasures like this!!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Simple Style Orange SMASH BOOK Completed!!

I've finished my fifth SMASH book - it'll be two years in January since I started this crazy hobby, I love it just as much now as I did then.   I shared another one of my completed books this way, I prefer this to the flip thru - I haven't edited any of the pictures, so what you see is what you get - no cropping , color editing or describing the pages - there are three parts to this post, so just go to the bottom and click on the next part!   Just click on any picture for a closer look!!   Hope you like it and thanks for taking the time to visit!

On to  Part 2

Part 2 of the Completed SMASHBOOK!

Here's the next series of completed pages in the Simple Style Orange SMASHBOOK!

On the the final pages -Part 3